Number of Owner

Registered Capital

Form and Realization of Participation of Capital

Compulsive Additional Trade Name

Unlimited Liability Company

2 or above

No maximum  and minimum limit

Money or  industry


Mixed Liability Company by quotas

1 or above unlimited liability shareholder and 1 or above limited liability shareholder

No maximum  and minimum limit

Unlimited liability shareholder and limited liability shareholder are both paid in cash


Mixed Liability Company by shares

1 or above unlimited liability shareholder and at least 3 limited liability shareholders

Minimum  limit: 1,000,000 and No maximum limit

Unlimited  liability shareholder paid in cash and limited liability shareholder paid by shares


Limited  Liability Company by quotas

2 to 30  persons

Minimum limit: 25,000 and No maximum limit

By purchasing quota of the company, the nominal value of the quota at least Mop1000 or in multiples of 100


Limited  Liability Company by sole owner

1 person

Minimum  limit: 25,000 and No maximum limit

Capital of 1 share and the rest is same as Limited Liability Company by quotas

Unipessoal Lda.

Limited  Liability Company by shares

At least 3 persons

Minimum limit: 1,000,000
No maximum  limit

All capital is divided into equal shares and value of at least 100



Macau Business Consultation Center

Company Types

1.  Unlimited liability Company
Formed by at least 2 members who have subsidiary responsibilities in relation to the company.

2.  Mixed Liability Company
a)  Mixed Liability Company by quotas*:
Composed of unlimited liability partners as well as limited liability partners. Limited liability partners are only responsible for their share proportion. With no responsibility for any debts incurred by the company. On the other hand, unlimited liability partners are responsible for all debt of the company.

b)  Mixed Liability Company by shares:
Limited liability shareholders acquire shares of the company and are only responsible for this amount, unlimited liability shareholders  are responsible for all debt of the company.

3.  Limited Liability Company by quotas*:
This is the most common type of company set up in Macao, composed of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 30 members. The minimum number of quota issued should therefore be two and the minimum value for each quota should not less than Mop1000, each subscriber should have at least 1 quota.

However, another type of limited liability company by quotas is also available, Limited Liability Company by a sole Owner. Any natural person can set up his own company with his own capital. This company is formed by 1 quota and consists of 1 single person. This type of company is subject to the same regulations that apply to Limited Liability Company by quotas.

*Quota is a share in a private limited liability company. The rights of transferring is restricted and it prohibit any invitation to the public to subscribe for any shares in the company.

4. Limited Liability Company by shares
A Limited Liability Company by shares has a share capital. The minimum capital is Mop 1,000,000 and the minimum value of each share must be Mop 100 with shares of equal value Composed of at least 3 members, the shareholders are responsible only for the shares they owned, not for the debts of the company. The company is responsible for the debts in its total assets.​