Application of admissibility of trade name
Fill up the required form with proposed name, and a clear definition of the objectives of the company
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Notarial contract or individual contract according to type of company and legal requirements in force
Registry of the Company
1. Letter of Application
2. Company Constitution Document
3. List of names of shareholders and I.D. copies
4. List of names of the administrative board
5. Letter of Appointment of the administrative board
6. Copy Certificate of Admissibility of Trade Name

Declaration of commencement of

1. Industrial Tax Form
2. List of names of the shareholders and their ID copies
3. Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
4. Payment of the Industrial Tax 

Time required to incorporate a company:
- It usually takes 2-3 working days to check the company name.
- Documents can be signed within 2-3 working days after all relevant documents are complete.
- It takes about 15 working days to complete the registration of the company establishment (including tax registration) after the documents are signed.

For the introduction of the types of registered companies in Macau, please click here.


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Company Setup

​Advantages of incorporating a company in Macau:
 - Sound financial system
 - Ideal trading environment
 - Perfect infrastructure
 - Free port, low tax rate

​ - Extensive international market network and close ties with Portuguese-speaking countries

In the process of company registration in Macau, we will provide you with one-stop services from company name verification to tax registration, including: